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body image: part one

In 2014-16, I photographed more than a dozen people regarding the subject of inner and outer beauty as well as how one views their own body image. This set of images, titled body image i, is about the delicate beauty of the human form and intimate connection between the subject and their own body. To capture my subjects in a raw form, I use soft diffused lighting and 35 mm film on a neutral backdrop. 

This series is particularly special to me because it was the first time as a photographer I created something that meant ‘more’ to me and represented a greater purpose for my art. At this time, I was still working as a full time photojournalist and full time student, and was suffering from my own body image insecurities. Many people around me growing up struggled with body image and self doubt, so I was interested in pursuing a study in this direction to discover for myself how our differences are what make us unique and beautiful, and to help reveal to others what I was discovering. I see this series as a defining moment in my portfolio timeline where I merged my photojournalistic documentary style with a more fashion/portrait way of shooting and the way I worked with my subjects.

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